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Now, every student can participate

75% of students fear speaking up in front of their peers, which makes them
lose interest and shift their attention. Participatr makes classes more
engaging and productive by allowing students to ask questions, respond to
polls, and receive attendance credit using their phones or laptops.

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Understand Your Students

Whether you are running through an example problem or want some quick feedback, you can get results instantly with a multiple choice, free response, numeric, or word cloud poll.

Let the Questions Flow

No more awkward silences or waiting for those same two students to raise their hand. With Participatr, you’ll always know what the most important questions in the room are.

Quickly Take Attendance

Save valuable class time by letting all students check in simultaneously. To help keep everyone honest, the attendance code changes every ten seconds.

Grade and Export

Pick more than one right answer or skip grading altogether. Then, export everything with a click.

Easy to Use

Your time is valuable so we kept it extra simple. You can be up and running in two minutes.

Multiple Users

Share your class with any number of co-instructors or teaching assistants, it’s all included.

Free for Instructors

We don't want anything to stop you from making your class even better! Let us know if you need a different payment arrangement.

Only $5 for Students

As students ourselves, we know that every dollar counts. That’s why Participatr is way cheaper than any of its alternatives.

Let’s turn your students into Participatrs

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